Ode To Peach Bread

I discovered this Peach Cobbler Bread, made by the Bungalow Bread Company in Beaverton (Bungalowbread.com) about 2 months ago. I love this Peach Bread. So much that i am willing to ignore the six dollar price tag in order to buy it every week. And eat a slice of it every single morning with a cup of tea.

Peaches have always been my favorite fruit, and i am a huge sucker for anything peach flavored. I remember my Dad introducing me to Peach Snapple when i was younger, and it quickly became my favorite beverage. Peach Yogurt, Peach Pie, Peach Ice Cream, I love them all. Yet none of these are as delicious as this Peach Bread. 
Bryan and I are moving to Salt Lake City early next year, and i find myself most concerned about how I will survive even a day without it. Bryan thinks i should just learn how to make it myself, however i find half of the joy of the bread comes in not having to actually do any work to enjoy it.

 Peach Bread, I Love You.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly (and Bryan) - here is a cool contest I found from another food blogger, thought you might be interested!


~Heather Lewis

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