Roasted Chicken

The last time I tried to roast a chicken I used the high heat method for crispier skin, but the veggies got a little too blackened on the outside. This time I decided to salt the chicken two hours beforehand and let it sit in the fridge. I then put the chicken in @ 450º F for 15 minutes and then took it out and added veggies to the pan, laid some thick-cut applewood smoked bacon strips over the top, and turned the heat down to 325º for 20 minutes per pound. It came out pretty great. The veggie mixture was just red and russet potatoes, carrots, red onions and garlic, with some garlic and onion stuffed inside the cavity. Both Kelly and I cannot remember ever having such tender, rich chicken. It was perfect. I think the Pink Himalayan salt makes a huge difference.

I was also too lazy the last time to use the bones and giblets for stock, which is really almost a crime. You can freeze some for flu season chicken soup, use it in chili, stew, gravies, etc.

Looks kind of gross, but it will be quite useful. We'll update with pictures of the chicken sandwiches we'll make! :)



Sheryl Parsons said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try this recipe. Hey, we are on our way to see the Tater baby! Love you!

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