Chocolate Mousse

The first time I made Chocolate Mousse I vowed never to make it again without a Kitchen Aid.  It is hard, and it hurts. Whisking egg whites into peaks is no easy task. After one failed attempt, two borrowed eggs, some Google research, and over an hour of vigorous whisking (you're not supposed to stop once you start!) I finally had peaks. And my hands hated me. For the next 2 days my wrists were in pain. But it was the most delicious chocolate-y dessert we had had in quite some time. And would probably never have again...

...until I realized I already had a Kitchen Aid, and his name is Bryan! Four days later we decided we needed more Mousse. He promised to do all of the whisking, and so we promptly left for Trader Joes. But Trader Joes was out of the delicious semi-sweet chips we had used before, and so we settled for the insanely bitter alternative. Which did NOT have a recipe for mousse on the back like the other bag did. So of course we dug the other recipe out of the trash, added double the sugar and butter, and crossed our fingers.

It was great! Especially when put over home made Mango Ice Cream and Raspberries, and topped with Blackberries and Blueberries. We're already planning our next Mousse...Watermelon! I assume we will make it whenever Bryan's wrists recover.



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