Since lemon bars and lime bars have been such a big hit lately, we have been brainstorming all of the different kind of bar-combos that are possible. Bryan came up with Ginger Tangerine bars. We bought the tangerines yesterday, and Voila!

For not having a recipe, these didn't come out too bad! I think that A) I could have used more ginger and B) the flavor of tangerine isn't as strong as lemon or lime, so they weren't as flavorful as usual. All in all, not bad!

Since we have SO many tangerines i decided to make Tangerine Meltaways, a recipe i found on technicolorkitchen.blogspot.com. These would have been completely delicious if i hadnt kept them in the oven a bit too long, burning the bottom and giving them a half crunchy-half smooth texture. i will definitely be making these again, regardless. The zest gave them a lot more flavor than the bars. They are so tiny and adorable!



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