Chocolate Almond Ice Cream & Caramel Sauce

Last night we tried out our ice cream maker for the first time, and though it was absolutely delicious (only six ingredients: cream, eggs, milk, cocoa, sugar and flavor), I ended up lying awake thinking about caramel sauce. I looked up a recipe, and first thing this morning I set out to make it for myself. 

This fantastic recipe is not only easy to follow, but it is accompanied by some gorgeous pictures. I was a bit worried, since sugar turns brown very briefly before burning. Everything came out great though, I followed my instincts and it worked like magic! 

I pulled some of the ice cream out and it is now a perfect consistency after a night in the freezer, whereas before it was more like soft serve. 

The ice cream is a simple chocolate recipe, but since Kelly has recently acquired an adoring love affair with almond extract, we used that instead of vanilla. 

I can't wait to try this sauce on more things, it is soooooo much creamier and more flavorful than the store-bought kind.



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